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Why Boston’s Top 5 Attraction Pass is Awesome

Top 5 Attraction Pass Boston
Top 5 Boston Attractions Pass
Boston city is one of the top travel destinations in USA. There are many things to do in Boston and places to visit. If you are traveling to Boston and looking to visit top 5 attractions without breaking your wallet then I would recommend you to check out the Top 5 attraction pass. Apart from traditional Go Boston Card, Smart Destinations is offering Boston’s top 5 attractions admission at lowest price that can save you big money. Top attraction pass is also known as pre-loaded Go Boston Select Package.

What You Get….

At the time of writing Top 5 Boston Attraction Pass review, following five of the Boston’s best attractions are included:

New England Aquarium
New England Aquarium features excellent exhibits for your entertainment. It features, northern fur seals, penguins and thousands of sea creatures. Aquarium features four-story ocean tank and a newly built “touch tank” where you get closer experience with rays. There are many presentations and shows scheduled for visitor’s entertainment. Penguin Feeding, Live Animal Presentation and Giant Ocean Tank Talks are very good.

Museum of Science
Museum of Science is one of the best things to do in Boston. At Museum of Science you can spend either half day or full day learning new things. You will be surprised by knowing facts and real experiences such as watching real chicks hatching process. Overall, Museum of Science gives your thrilling experience.

Skywalk Observatory
Skywalk Observatory is located at 50th floor of the Prudential Center. From 50th floor you can enjoy excellent city views all the way up to New Hampshire. At night, city skyline lights creates beautiful streched views on clear day.

Museum of Fine Arts
Museum of Fine Arts in Boston features nearly 450,000 art work featuring ancient to modern contemporary work. Museum also features spectacular Art of the Americas. Visitors can get closer look of masterpieces collected over years at Museum of Fine Arts. Overall, if fine Arts interest you a little bit then I would recommend you to put Museum of Fine Arts on your Boston travel itinerary. It has been on Top 25 Museums in the United States of America.

Harvard Museum of Natural History
Harvard Museum of Natural History has three museums: Comparative Zoology, the Herbaria and the Mineralogical and Geologica Museums. At museum visitors will have thrilling experience encountering with the diversity of life on earth. It features fossil, large reptiles, mamals, birds and fish along with the only mounted Kronosaurus in the world. Do not miss to check out the fossil of 15-foot long ground sloth.

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How much you save…..

You are going to save money and time with top 5 attractions pass compared to purchasing individual attraction admission tickets separately. With Go Boston Card’s top 5 attractions pass you can save up to 42% on admission tickets. Following comparison table will give you idea about your total savings with attraction pass compared to purchasing individual admission tickets.

Attractions Adult Retail Cost Child Retail Cost
New England Aquarium $24.95 $17.95
Museum of Science $23.00 $20.00
Skywalk Observatory $16.00 $11.00
Museum of Fine Arts $25.00 $10.00
Harvard Museum of Natural History $12.00 $8.00
Total Combined Cost: $100.95 $66.95
Go Boston Card Cost: $59.00 $35.00
Savings Per Person: $41.95 $31.95

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P.S.: Included attractions and admission ticket price is accurate at the time of writing reviews. Attractions and prices may have changed. I recommend you to check at Go Boston Card – Top 5 Attraction Pass detail page.

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