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When to Go to Costa Rica

Red Eyed Frog Costa Rica
Best Time to Go to Visit Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the tropical travel destinations. You can visit Costa Rica anytime of the year but if you are not a big fan of rain then I would recommend you to visit Costa Rica between mid-December through April. It’s peak season for tourism in Costa Rica. I love rain so I prefer exploring Costa Rica between May through November.

Costa Rica is very well known for volcanoes and rain-forests. Between December through April, it does not rain a lot. You can say this time of the year is a dry season for Costa Rica. Dry season gives you ample opportunities to explore rain-forests and coastline. If you decide to go during this season then be ready to pay little more for everything as this is a peak season for tourism.

Budget friendly travelers can go to Costa Rica between May through November. You will need rain poncho all the time during rainy season. On other hand you will be enjoying green land of Costa Rica during this time of the year, so called green season. Costa Rica is full of natural resources and I would say country has made very good effort to preserve it. They always say “Pura Vida” – means “Pure Life”

Also, during June and July months, rain frequency is sporadic so you may consider that time of the year to avoid heavy rain.

During rainy season, some countryside region roads might not be as good as you expect. I recommend you to use four wheel drive during rainy season in Costa Rica.

Pura Vida Costa Rica – You will get very close to the nature !

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