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Los Angeles Top 4 Attractions Pass

Top 4 Los Angeles Attractions
Los Angeles Top 4 Attractions Pass
City of Los Angeles, lying on the shores of Pacific Ocean is the second largest US city and a home of the Hollywood stars, a place where all dreams come true. Los Angeles Top 4 Attraction Pass has the best four attractions of Los Angeles in one Go Select package. Thanks to this package, you will save 25% compared to individual purchase.

What Los Angeles Top 4 Attractions Pass Includes?

Madame Tussaud’s Hollywood
This is the place where you’ll probably come closest to your favorite movie and music stars. Don’t miss the chance to check out more than 100 life-like wax figures. With a wide range of movie, TV, music and sport stars’ wax figures, Madame Tussaud’s Hollywood is without a doubt the best museum of this kind in the world!

Go Los Angeles CardTop 4 Los Angeles Attractions Pass:

-Universal Studios Hollywood
-Madame Tussauds Hollywood
-Field Museum All Access Pass
-Warner Bros. VIP Studio Tour
-Hollywood Movie Star Homes Tour

SAVE Up to 23% – You Pay $179/adult, $159/child for Top 4 Los Angeles Attractions Pass.
If you purchase admission tickets separately then combined gate prices: $233.95/adult, $208.95/child

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Universal Studios Hollywood
This is great opportunity to take a sneak peak at one of the biggest studios in the world, a place where movie magic happens. This 45 minute tour will take you behind the scenes of movies, it will show you how effects come to life and even take you behind the scenes of some of the movies and TV shows which are now in production.

Hollywood Movie Stars Homes
An exciting 2 hour bus tour operated by LA City Tours will take you to see the most glamorous part of the city – the home of the big stars and their amazing houses. Take a glimpse of their homes and enjoy this exciting and facts filled narrated tour, which includes a visit to homes of Madonna, Mick Jagger, Cher, Ozzy Osbourne, Paris Hilton, Tom Cruise and many others.

Warner Bros. VIP Studio Tour
Warner Bros tour gets you closest to the Hollywood action than any other tour. You will get to come really close to the scenes where move are shot right before your eyes and you’ll have a chance to see some of the biggest stars in the industry on their duty. Some of the shows produced here include The Big Bang Theory, Ellen DeGeneres Show, Pretty Little Liars and many others.

How does LA Top 4 Attractions Pass work?

• Select from pre-built packages.
• Choose the number of people during your check out.
• Your pass is ready instantly: print it, or display on your smartphone!

How long is LA Top 4 Attractions Pass good for?

Los Angeles Top 4 Attractions Pass is good for 30 days after first attraction visit. It gets activated when you use it the first time. You must visit all included attractions within 30 days. After purchase, you have 1 year to use Los Angeles Top 4 Attractions Pass.

Save up to 55% on Top LA Attractions!

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