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How to Book Costa Rica Vacation

How to Book Costa Rica Vacation
Best way to book Costa Rica Vacation

Booking and planning any vacation can be confusing most of the time, unless you are not price sensitive traveler. Costa Rica is one of the best travel destinations in Central America offering great natural resources where you can get very close to the nature. Because of country’s natural beauty, every year thousands of visitors fly down to Costa Rica all over from North America, Europe, Caribbean and rest of the Latin America.

Throughout the year travelers are visiting Costa Rica. But, you need to decide whether what time of the year you are willing to travel to Costa Rica. Mid-December through April is a peak season for tourism. If you are planning to visit Costa Rica on budget then you might want to avoid peak season for Costa Rica vacation. Read my previous post on When to go to Costa Rica to understand weather conditions and seasons in Costa Rica before planning your visit to Costa Rica.

Vacation Booking Resources..

Most of the times, I rely on top travel booking sites: Travelocity, Expedia, Priceline and CheapCaribbean.com. I have been lucky with CheapCarribean.com for all my travels to Caribbean islands and South America. I like their all-inclusive packages that includes flight, hotel and food. I have used CheapCaribbean.com for my trip to Cancun, Mexico, Montego Bay, Jamaica and Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

Tips on booking Costa Rica Vacation…

Be flexible in travel dates. Try to avoid Spring Break or major holidays. I am usually traveling after new year rush is over. That gives ample opportunities to get the best rates.

Try to start your travel on Wednesday, usually flight rates are very low on Wednesdays.
Once you have decided your travel dates for Costa Rica, make sure to check promotional offers on following major travel sites.


These days airlines have started their own vacation packages as well. You might want to check similar packages on airlines vacation websites. Following are few of my favorite airline vacation resources


Select resorts or hotel that fits your budget but make sure to read reviews about the hotel that you are interested in. Learned from my past travels that pictures don’t speak the truth. Nowadays for my travel to Caribbean islands and Latin America, I prefer RIU hotels and resorts considering the service that they offer for the money you pay. So far, RIU hotels & Resorts are maintaining the quality of service. During my Costa Rica trip, I stayed at RIU Palace Guanacaste.

Costa Rica Unique Shuttle

Costa Rica Unique Transfer & Tours

Do not book airport transfer to and from hotel on major travel sites. Instead, try to find local services on google. Believe me, you will save lot of money by going directly to local shuttle services. We ended up paying more for our Jamaica trip when we booked airport transfer through CheapCaribbean.com. Lesson learned, during my Costa Rica trip, I found local transportation company – Costa Rica Unique in Guanacaste. It was a BIG money saving offer with good service.

I used Costa Rica Unique for airport transfer and tours in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Costa Rica Unique tour company is very budget friendly, at the same time provides good service. Sales Manager of the company, Jose A. Guerrero Garcia, and his tour guides are very friendly. They go beyond their ways to make sure the tour experience is one of the best.

Check out and compare all-inclusive vacation packages on all of the following travel sites before booking your trip to Costa Rica. Personally, I have been lucky with CheapCaribbean.com.

Southwest Airlines Vacations

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