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Choose AttractionsHello Friends:

My name is Victor Sevale, I have been writing and maintaining ChooseAttractions.com to share my travel advice, tips and experience. Originally from India, traveled to USA for study at age of 23 in 2002. It was my first overseas travel experience. For sometime, I lived in Beaumont, Texas then moved to Atlanta, Georgia for 2 and half years to finish study. My first visit to Chicago in 2003 changed my view about the Chicago city and in 2004 found a job in Chicago. Since then, I am working and living in Chicago. ChooseAttractions.com is one of my blogs where I try to provide useful advice and tips on travel destinations and attractions.

I was never a big fan of travel or visiting attractions. But my frequent trips to Miami during winter and hiking trip to Denver in Summer seasons changed my perspective towards travel. I would say, these trips changed my life!

Here I am, now I am trying to travel and see top destinations in United States and surrounding. In 2013, I decided to start this website to write about attractions and things to do at top destination. On this website I try to provide advice and tips on travel, that can help other travelers to plan their travel itinerary.

Why I prefer attraction passes over individual admission tickets?
I had heard about attraction cards and passes but never used them. In 2005, Once I ended up using attraction passes to take my out of town friends to top attractions in Chicago. Purchasing attraction admission tickets individually can be expensive right? So, I decided to choose one of the available attraction passes for Chicago top attractions. with advance trip planing we saved lot of money with attraction cards. That wass it!

After that, I always use attraction passes if available for at my travel destination. Overall, I love Go City cards but I have had luck with other attraction passes as well.

I believe in work life balance. That doesn’t mean I travel every month. But, I try to take few vacations in a year to visit top travel destinations. With careful travel planning, now I can go on a vacation without breaking my bank and without compromising my must-do and must-see list.


This website is created to help travelers plan their vacations. It will also help you get genuine product reviews, that I really like and it could be beneficial to other travelers. Overall, here on this website I try to give you experience tested attraction advice and product reviews that can help you save money and time. If you have any questions about travel then feel free to contact me with your question. You can either email me directly or use my community travel forum to post your questions. I assure you that I will answer your question as soon as possible.

I recommend you to sign up for my weekly newsletter to get unbiased advice, tips, travel deals and coupons. You can use following sign up form to join other thousands of subscribers and start receiving useful information in e-mail once a week from me.

I really appreicate your time for reading my website. Feel free to e-mail me or use my community travel forums to post your questions. I will make sure to reply!

Places I have Visited….


Email: victor@chooseattractions.com

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